ESPN’s Brian Windhorst remains confident Knicks will land superstar

New York Knicks fans aren’t exactly fond of ESPN, but Brian Windhorst is an ESPN writer who’s worth listening to. Instead of bashing the Knicks because that’s the “fun” thing to do, he instead acted as a voice of reason on Monday morning’s episode of First Take.

On Monday, the Knicks were tied for fifth place in the East with the Nets. For a team that was labeled as a possible play-in tournament candidate ahead of the season, New York’s performance has been a nice surprise. The team didn’t make a big splash at the trade deadline, but Josh Hart has proven to be a much-needed spark off the bench.

It’s okay to be optimistic about the direction that the Knicks are headed in. Well, unless your name is Stephen A. Smith, that is. Alongside Smith and Monica McNutt, who is loved by Knicks fans, Windhorst voiced that he was adamant that one day New York will get the superstar that it has been waiting for.

Brian Windhorst still adamant superstar will want to be traded to Knicks

While discussing whether the Knicks are building something special or not, Brian Windhorst went on a rant and although he’s been saying it for the past two years, he still believes that a superstar will want to be traded to New York.

Windhorst even went as far as to say, “I promise it will happen someday.” Monica McNutt was shaking her head in agreement, while Stephen A. Smith looked disgusted. Windhorst referenced the assets that the Knicks have as well as the tradable contracts (ie: Evan Fournier who will officially be on an expiring contract in the offseason), but that’s just the start of it.

New York is building a culture that will attract big-name players. The team wasn’t able to lure Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to the Garden in 2019, which actually ended up being a blessing in disguise, but the organization is different now than it was then. The Knicks lured Jalen Brunson away from the Mavericks in free agency and while he isn’t regarded as a superstar, he’s still been a key part of the team’s transformation. He’s a player that future disgruntled stars should want to go to NYC to play with.

While the Knicks landing a superstar is something that’s been talked about for years now, it could soon come to fruition. The front office has been patiently stocking up first-round picks and with the path that the team is headed down, the Knicks are no longer the laughingstock of the league.

New York is already regarded as one of the best NBA cities, but it now boasts a team that’s worth playing for. Brian Windhorst knows.