3 things Knicks fans can expect to learn in June

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New York Knicks fans, you’ve made it to the month of June. The 2021-22 season ended a little less than two months ago and the months of April and May were relatively quiet, but that won’t be the case this month.

June will provide more insight into the direction that New York will be headed in during 2022-23, including the 2022 NBA Draft on June 23. That’s not all that will be happening, though.

There are two teams left standing that will square off in the NBA Finals, and once either the Golden State Warriors or Boston Celtics are crowned champions, the NBA offseason will officially begin. It’ll be tough to not get to enjoy NBA games for a few months, but luckily we’ll still have the WNBA and the New York Liberty.

Anyways, it won’t be long until the rumors turn into action. To get ready for that, let’s turn our attention to what Knicks fans can expect to learn during June.

3 things New York Knicks fans will figure out in June

3: Jalen Brunson? Donovan Mitchell?

Regardless of how you might feel about Jalen Brunson or Donovan Mitchell, they’re the two most popular names that have been linked to New York.

If Brunson doesn’t re-sign with Dallas by the end of the month, he’s going to become an unrestricted free agent. Because of his performance for the Mavericks this past season, especially in the playoffs, he’s expected to command a contract in the $20-$25 million per year range.

As for Mitchell, he has three full seasons left on his contract with the Utah Jazz before he’ll have a $37.1 million player option in 2025-26. There have been reports that he could want out of Utah, but the guard hasn’t outright requested a trade. Since the Jazz’s season came to an end, Mitchell’s been enjoying spending time in his home state.

Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer reported that “there’s a growing sense among league personnel” that Brunson will re-sign with Dallas. The Mavericks don’t have a lot of cap space to work with, so just because Mark Cuban wants to keep Brunson doesn’t mean that it’ll happen. The point guard’s situation will be one to monitor in June because he and Dallas have until the end of the month to agree to an extension.

Then there’s Mitchell, who could be planning to stay in Utah for at least the start of the 2022-23 season. Once the Jazz were eliminated from the playoffs in the first round at the end of April, he said that he’d think about his future in a week “and go from there.” Based on that, it’s clear that Mitchell’s exploring his options, but Fischer reported that Mitchell going to the Knicks “remains highly unlikely.”

That might not be what some of you were hoping to hear, but keep an eye on any Mitchell news this month. If he requests a trade and wants to play for his home team specifically, New York’s front office will likely do what they can to make that happen. But don’t bank on that scenario.

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