14 former Knicks from the 90s that can’t stay away from the game

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I think we all can agree that the golden era for the New York Knicks was during the 1990s. Although they didn’t win a ring, they were always in the conversation. Knicks fans will always remember the players that wore the blue, white, and orange colors. They showed up to work, played hard, and gave us something to get excited about!

All of the players did their jobs well, and some have even furthered their basketball careers. It’s hard to let go of something you know or have done for so long. For some of these players, basketball is still a way of life. Let’s take a look at some of the golden era Knicks that haven’t been able to step away from the game.

14 former Knicks from the 90s that love the game too much to stay away

14. Monty Williams

Monty Williams played for the Knicks from 1994-1996. He bounced around during his career but found his knack for coaching. Williams started as an assistant with the Portland Trail Blazers and then made his way to the New Orleans Hornets, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Philadelphia 76ers. Now, he has found a home with the Phoenix Suns, and he led them to the NBA Finals in 2021.

13. Doc Rivers

Doc Rivers had a short stint in New York in the 90s. In the 1993 playoffs, he played and started in all 15 games before the Knicks fell to the Bulls in the Eastern Conference Finals. Now, Doc is on the sideline as a head coach for the 76ers.

12. Derek Harper

Just like Doc Rivers, Derek Harper played a few years for the Knicks as well. In fact, he was traded to replace an injured Doc in the 1993-94 season. One of Harper’s best times with the Knicks came in the 1995 playoffs, where he shot over 50% from the field and 57% from three-point range.

Now a local analyst for Dallas Mavericks games, his jersey was retired by the Mavericks franchise when Dallas played New York in 2018.

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