Who will be the New York Knicks’ best player in 2 years?

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The New York Knicks are having a really good season this year, with what is probably their best team since Carmelo Anthony’s peak with the team. The Knicks will get a worse seed than they did two seasons ago, but this year’s team is almost certainly better, driven by some very talented players.

The Knicks aren’t winning the title this season, however. What they do hope to do is win a title in two years, when their young players have come into their own and they have continued to upgrade the roster. Who will be the Knicks’ best player in two years? Let’s break down the candidates and then make a final selection.

Unlikely candidates to be the Knicks’ best player in 2 years

The Knicks have some incredibly talented young players on the roster right now, but outside of their “top 3” there is no likely candidate to be a star in two years. Immanuel Quickley has been a fan favorite for years and has excellent versatility playing in different lineups, but his shot creation is nowhere near the level of a perimeter star.

Similarly, Quentin Grimes looks like he could be the quintessential role player on a good team, a 3-and-D wing completely unafraid to bomb from three-point range and capable of locking up opponent guards and smaller wings. His star equity is very slim, however.

The final option could potentially be hitting on a draft pick, but that hope is exceedingly faint. If they make the playoffs this season, they will send their first-round pick to Portland, so they would need to miss the playoffs, nail a late-lottery selection and have him develop at lightspeed.

Let’s move on to the current stars.

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