3 Scenarios the New York Knicks desperately need to avoid in 2023-24

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Anticipation is high for the New York Knicks as they’re coming off their most successful season in a decade. There’s no false hope within the fanbase — the Knicks proved they’re for real in 2022-23. In a few weeks, it’ll be time for the team to build off that in the first of 82 regular season games.

The East grew stronger with Damian Lillard’s arrival and Jrue Holiday switching to the Celtics after being traded by the Trail Blazers. While those moves made some Knicks fans grow even more agitated about the front office remaining silent, New York is still in a good position.

At Media Day, Jalen Brunson emphasized that although the roster is relatively the same as last season, the Knicks will find ways to get better. Big things are on the horizon for New York (maybe a superstar?), but before we get that far, there are a few things the Knicks need to avoid.

3 scenarios the New York Knicks need to avoid in 2023-24

3: Not using Evan Fournier’s expiring contract in a trade

Evan Fournier is at training camp with the Knicks in Charleston, but he’s probably wishing he wasn’t. Scratch that; he’s definitely wishing he wasn’t. He knows he doesn’t have a future in New York and wants to go somewhere he can contribute.

Fournier will make $18.9 million this season and has a $19 million club option for 2024-25. Spoiler alert: There’s a 100% chance that the Knicks won’t pick it up!

Knicks fans and Fournier thought he’d be long gone by October, but it isn’t easy to trade someone with a hefty salary who (rightfully) played in only 27 games last season. The front office could be holding out to see if the right star becomes available because, in that case, Fournier’s salary could help make a deal work.

It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if New York couldn’t use Fournier’s contract in a trade for a far more serviceable player, but it’d help if the Knicks found a way to turn a negative situation into a positive one.

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