5 Draft prospects Knicks fans must watch closely during March Madness

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With the NCAA Tournament set to get underway, we explore five NBA Draft prospects for New York Knicks fans to keep a close eye on.

Despite the team’s inconsistencies at the beginning of the season, the New York Knicks have irrefutably taken a step forward this season. They are likely going to win 45-plus games (a 50-win season seems unlikely, though if they do get hot is mathematically in play) and have a good chance to finish as the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference standings.

Even if the Knicks end up losing in the first round of the NBA Playoffs, this season has certainly given this front office something to build on and the necessary momentum that is needed heading into the offseason.

And part of taking another step forward for this team could involve making the right selection with the pick that they’ll have in this year’s NBA Draft.

The New York Knicks’ pick situation in the 2023 NBA Draft

Because of the Josh Hart NBA Trade Deadline trade, the Knicks don’t own their own first-round pick but they do own the Dallas Mavericks’ pick as long as it doesn’t land in the top 10, which at this point seems unlikely.

Right now, that pick sits at No. 15. At least for now, I believe it’s safe to say that the Knicks will be selecting in the 12-17 range in the first round of the 2023 NBA Draft. And with the 2023 NCAA Tournament upon us, we’ll explore five draft prospects that could be in play at that range that the Knicks should be keeping a close eye on throughout March Madness.

1. Gradey Dick, G, Kansas

Gradey Dick is a prospect that Knicks fans should be keeping a closer eye on. His inconsistency this season is likely going to open the door for him to possibly fall down draft boards. While he’s largely expected to be a lottery pick, there’s at least an outside chance that he falls outside the top 14. If so, he’s a player that could be of intrigue to New York.

What is there to like about Dick? Well, he’s a good and consistent three-point shooter and has great size for a guard prospect at 6-foot-8. He’s not an elite defensive prospect by any means but with his size, he should be able to be formidable on that end of the floor.

Dick is averaging 14 points and five rebounds per game. He can offer the Knicks versatility and depth on the wing that they’ve needed in the way of a good three-point shooting this season.

The Knicks are a bottom-third three-point shooting team in the league this season and Dick would certainly be an upgrade in that aspect. If somehow Dick could fall out of the lottery, he should be a prospect that the Knicks should be interested in.

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