What should the New York Knicks’ closing lineup be this season?

The New York Knicks have more options than ever to close lineups with. It’s always better to have more good players, but it does create some interesting debates, like who should be on the floor at the end of close games.

There are four sure closing spots for the Knicks: Jalen Brunson, RJ Barrett, Julius Randle, Mitchell Robinson, or Isaiah Hartenstein. The last spot comes down to Quentin Grimes, Josh Hart, or Donte DiVincenzo.

The biggest problem for the Knicks over the last several years has been a lack of spacing on offense. This is because the Knicks don’t have a lot of knockdown three-point shooters to space the floor.

For this reason, Grimes should be a part of closing lineups for the Knicks.

Quentin Grimes should be on the floor at the end of games for the Knicks

Grimes is a better three-point shooter than either Hart or DiVincenzo. In fact, he is probably the best catch-and-shoot three-point marksman on the team. His 38.4% career mark is second-best behind Brunson among members of New York’s rotation. Brunson edges him out at 38.6%.

The offense looked so much better against Miami in the playoffs last year when Grimes was on the floor, as he made it easier on Brunson and Randle on offense. Opposing teams respect Grimes’ shot more than they do Hart’s.

I go with Grimes over DiVincenzo because he is an extremely consistent three-point shooter. Grimes was at 38% in his rookie year and 38.5% in his second year. DiVincenzo’s percentages have been all over the place, with years as low as 33% and as high as 39.5%. The former Warrior is a career 36% shooter from deep.

Not only is Grimes one of the Knicks’ best shooters, but he is also one of their best perimeter defenders. He spent more time than any other player in New York guarding the other team’s best perimeter player. You want him on the floor with the game on the line defending the other team’s star.

The numbers with Grimes included with the starters were strong in the regular season and playoffs, and this is why Thibodeau kept him in the starting lineup. Grimes has spent the most time playing with the starters, and they know how to play well together.

As the perfect 3-and-D role player, Grimes is an excellent fit next to Brunson and Randle, covering up for what the Knicks lack in shooting and perimeter defense. He should be on the floor in the most important moments until proven otherwise.