The real reason the Knicks could be considering a Jrue Holiday trade

Jrue Holiday suddenly emerged as the hot topic in the NBA after the Bucks included him in the trade package that gave them Damian Lillard. Milwaukee gets one of the best scorers in the game to pair alongside Giannis Antetokounmpo but lost an elite defender.

The New York Knicks could trade for Holiday if they wanted, which poses the main question — Should the front office dip into their assets for the 33-year-old? If it were up to Tom Thibodeau, probably.

In all honesty, Holiday would be a great fit beside Jalen Brunson, and he’d help to open up the floor. However, the Trail Blazers’ price tag could be enough to keep the Knicks away, especially because the guard could be an unrestricted free agent as soon as next summer.

Three Eastern Conference teams have been brought up more than New York as potential Holiday landing spots: Boston, Miami, and Philadelphia. The Sixers should do everything they can to reunite with Holiday for Joel Embiid’s sake.

Sixers trading for Jrue Holiday could put the Knicks in nightmare position

Of every team that could land Jrue Holiday, New York should hope that Philadelphia doesn’t win the sweepstakes. His arrival wouldn’t push the Sixers to title favorites over the Bucks, but he gives them the best option to rid themselves of James Harden and add a needed perimeter defender in the process.

The good news for the Knicks is that there isn’t a strong enough incentive for the Clippers to join a three-team trade that would send Harden to Los Angeles. The Clippers reportedly aren’t interested in getting Harden at all, although that’s his preferred landing spot. Instead of going after the disgruntled guard, Los Angeles needs to reach out to Portland directly about getting Holiday.

The idea of the Knicks trading for Giannis Antetokounmpo in the next two years cratered after the Bucks brought in Damian Lillard. Attention has shifted back to Joel Embiid, and how the Sixers handle the Harden situation could make or break their star center’s future.

It’s no secret that Leon Rose, who used to represent Embiid, is waiting to swoop in and use New York’s assets for the reigning MVP. If the Knicks traded for Holiday, it wouldn’t solely be to keep the Sixers from him, but it would be a bonus.

Joel Embiid should be the top player on New York’s trade radar, with Donovan Mitchell following close behind. Hopefully, a Jrue Holiday trade won’t change that.