Mitchell Robinson’s Snapchat story creates unnecessary Knicks drama

In another game with no Jalen Brunson, the New York Knicks managed to pick up their second straight win to close out their road trip in Portland. Going 2-2 on a road trip without your star point guard, who played in only one half against the Kings, isn’t bad. With the Knicks now having three full days off before hosting the Nuggets on Saturday, vibes were high after the win on Tuesday.

Well, that was until Mitchell Robinson’s Snapchat story started circulating on social media. He finished with two points (1-of-2) and four rebounds in 21 minutes. It clearly wasn’t the best game from the starting center. In a move of frustration, Robinson voiced displeasure with his role.

Robinson followed that up by posting a positive message on Twitter.

Mitchell Robinson voices displeasure with role after Knicks win over Blazers

This isn’t the first time that Mitchell Robinson has been vocal about his role on offense. Last season, he posted on his Instagram story.

Robinson re-signed with the Knicks in free agency to a four-year, $60 million contract. He had other options, but he chose to remain in New York. He’s an instrumental part of the team, which was evident when he was sidelined for a few weeks earlier in the year with a fractured thumb. Robinson’s interior defense and impact on the boards are something that fans are thankful for in each game that he plays. He’s gotten much better at not committing silly fouls, too.

The last thing that the Knicks need at this point in the season is for Robinson to air out his thoughts on social media. Not only did it take attention away from New York’s win on Tuesday, but it stirred up a conversation on social media that should’ve remained within the organization. If Robinson isn’t pleased, that’s something that he should take up with the coaching staff.

His frustration makes sense and he could be more involved on the offensive end, but at the same time, that isn’t something that the Knicks need. What the team needs from him most is for him to hit his free throws as he’s shooting 68.8%. That’s what he should be working on.

Robinson’s a vital part of a team that’s hoping to make a run in the playoffs. Everyone has a different role. The focus needs to stay on taking it one game at a time and working to get better every day. Keep at it, Mitch.