Bleacher Report’s star trade idea finally rids Knicks of Evan Fournier

The New York Knicks will continue to be linked to every superstar under the sun until a trade happens, which could be a while. Joel Embiid has been connected to New York the most this offseason, and a trade is more realistic than Philadelphia fans may want to admit.

As the James Harden saga wears on, the chances of an Embiid trade rise. A Ben Simmons 2.0 situation could be on the way during training camp. The Sixers must take advantage of Embiid’s prime, and the Harden drama has clouded the organization.

The Knicks also have a disgruntled guard on their roster, although he’s not up to Harden’s caliber. Evan Fournier hasn’t requested a trade, but he’s made it known he wants to be on a team where he can contribute. As the season draws nearer, Fournier’s started to be more realistic about his chances of beginning 2023-24 in New York, but he’ll likely be traded before the February deadline.

In an effort to rid the Knicks of Fournier and his contract, Bleacher Report created a trade idea for New York. Unsurprisingly, the deal involves the Knicks getting Embiid in return.

Knicks Get
Joel Embiid
P.J. Tucker
76ers Get
Evan Fournier
RJ Barrett
Immanuel Quickley
Isaiah Hartenstein, 2024 first-round pick (top-12 protected, via WAS), 2025 first-round pick (top-four protected, via MIL), 2028 first-round pick, 2030 first-round pick

Bleacher Report’s Knicks trade idea includes Evan Fournier in Joel Embiid package

The Knicks would be getting Joel Embiid in this proposal and P.J. Tucker, too. The 38-year-old is nearing the end of his NBA career, but he continued to be a force on the defensive end for Philadelphia in his first season with the team. Tucker certainly isn’t a scorer, though.

New York fans wouldn’t object to parting with Evan Fournier, and maybe not even RJ Barrett, who will almost have to be included in a trade for a star. The largest objection would come from including Immanuel Quickley in the trade, but the Knicks aren’t going to get by not giving up Quickley or Quentin Grimes.

Mitchell Robinson isn’t a player who will come off the bench, nor should he. Given New York would be giving up his backup in Isaiah Hartenstein, another trade involving Robinson would have to happen.

Daryl Morey would likely ask for more from the Knicks, specifically regarding first-round picks. If the Jazz got three unprotected first-round picks for Donovan Mitchell, Embiid will go for more.

If Philadelphia were willing to accept the package above, New York should strongly consider it. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an alternate reality, so it wouldn’t be enough for the Knicks to land their long-awaited star in Joel Embiid.