Chandler Parsons’ disrespect of Knicks’ Mitchell Robinson is laughable

Following some questionable posts made by Knicks center Mitchell Robinson on his Snapchat last week, many fans have given their own individual opinions about what Robinson said, with some agreeing and others not.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with Robinson’s choice of words, there’s no doubt that the majority of people dislike what he said for a couple of reasons. One person who has put out their take on this whole situation in recent days is former NBA veteran Chandler Parsons, who said some rather disrespectful things to Robinson on his FanDuel TV show.

Former NBA veteran Chandler Parsons’ comments about Mitchell Robinson are just laughable

While personally, I agree to an extent with what Parsons is saying, he’s probably one of the last people to be talking about a player being selfish and not having game. With all due respect, even before the accident that promptly ended his career, Parsons was already on his way out the door as an NBA player due to the fact that he was not only overpaid, but just not that good.

This isn’t the first time Parsons has said something disrespectful to a current player and has exacerbated the common theme amongst former NBA’ers who, for some reason, have a gripe against most guys currently in the league.

As much as I respect Parsons considering his history of chasing the bag, he has made several comments in the past about his time in the league that make it very difficult to understand why he thinks he has the right to call anyone selfish.

Whether it be the time Parsons stated he had more control than Mavericks GM Donnie Nelson, or when he took full credit for recruiting Dwight Howard to the Rockets, Parsons has said his fair share of outlandish things to shine a brighter light on himself, so seeing him say this about Robinson is the definition of hypocritical.

The only aspect of this whole thing that was sensible was Parsons echoing that nothing good comes from players posting content like this … as somebody who knows from experience. He also weighed in on Robinson’s offensive game and Knicks fans can agree that it’s quite limited and doesn’t exactly “attract” the ball to him.

He should’ve stopped there, though. We didn’t need a future outlook of Robinson’s career based on a couple of silly Snapchat posts. Thanks, though.