3 Superstars Knicks could target to save Leon Rose’s job

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After wrapping up the 2022-23 campaign with the fifth-best record in the Eastern Conference and claiming their first playoff series win since 2012-13, the New York Knicks find themselves coming into 2023-24 with mighty high expectations.

Fortunately for them, analysts and the sheer raw statistics seem to suggest that they are in line to once again finish as a top-five club in their respective standings.

Still, there seems to be this ever-present feeling of relative disappointment amongst fans and media pundits alike that the Knickerbockers still don’t find themselves rostering that highly coveted superstar difference-maker.

While guys like Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle are undoubtedly tremendous assets that are currently leading the charge, some, such as former New York Post Knicks beat writer Marc Berman, believe that if the team doesn’t acquire a big-time name in the near future, the result could be President of Basketball Operations, Leon Rose, being removed from his duties with the team.

“If they don’t [acquire another star] soon Leon Rose is out,” Berman said on a recept apperance on The Knicks Recap.

Star trade targets that could “save” Leon Rose’s job with the Knicks

Considering the major amount of activity from rival clubs and the movement of star players this summer, it’s no surprise that the Knicks are a team many tab as being in need of a move to simply keep up.

Assuming Berman is still in the know and remains close to inside sources within the organization, this situation likely already has Rose scouring the trade market for a star player to pursue via blockbuster at some point between now and February’s deadline.

With this in mind, there are a few names, in particular, that are likely at the top of his wish list.

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